Nollywood Actress and Showbiz royal queen, Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde is back in Nigeria after a two-month intensive filming of a new movie, ‘Amina’, in which she played the leading role. Omotola rounded up her filming schedules on Monday at about three different locations among them a peaked action with audience at RICH MIX, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road,London E1 6LA where Omotola held a Concert as a diamond trimming to a tragic history. A major filming also took place few weeks ago at London’s St Ann Hospital where Omotola put up with various mental patients to perform her film act. A source hinted: “ It was one of the most daunting experience the much celebrated actress evr had”. The film soon to dot various film Houses across the world, commencing from United Kingdom will surely make huge mark and may be the toast of various film festival awards across the world Amina follows the journey of a woman who after a series of emotional turbulence in her life, suffers a breakdown and ends up in a Mental institution. Under the careful guidance of a psychiatrist(Dr Johnson), the film unlock Amina’s past through visual flash, thus helping her to address the personal tragedies that have struck her life, and help her to accept them and move on. Van Vicker, another Nollywood icon was part of a terribly struck family and his distress almost, as tragedy struck the family didn’t help in Amina’s recovering after a tragic accident. The movie is essentially a tragic-comedy setting that saw the joy of an entire family almost terminated by a calamity… only for destiny to overule…, a terminated joy of a fulfilling future, with the star rising again as hope beckoned…a triumph over their personal tragedies and go onto live a fruitful and productive life… Amina is a huge film witnessing the triumph of destiny over the encroachment of evil forces with result end of a diamond trimming to a tragic end

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