Nollywood Actress Nuella Njubigbo Bought a Brand New 2011 Toyota Highlander SUV in December 2012 and that made headline news.

The wonder on wheels estimated to cost a whopping $50,000 set many tongues wagging,especially as the Actress was not on the A-list Category and whose take home pay even if saved for two years cannot buy the SUV.

…..So the Tongues wagged and stopped wagging?

This is the breaking news as relates to that SUV….that one of the local Governor’s in Nigeria (Rotimi Amaechi) who has romanced quite a few nollywood actresses has reportedly caught the eyes of pretty Nuella and they are neck deep in a relationship which i cannot quote where it is headed.

The smitten lovebirds met in early November 2012 where the actress had gone to represent nollywood thing led to another and numbers were exchanged.
Nuella thereafter escorted the governor abroad on official trip and when she came back, Amaechi was so smitten that he presented her the SUV which was SUPPOSEDLY TAKEN FROM ITEMS MEANT FOR GOVERNMENT.


Nuella Njubigbo


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