Foremost Nollywood producer and director, Dickson Iroegbu is getting ready to release his latest movie called – ‘Law 58′, a movie about homosexuality in Nigeria and its consequences. The movie features Kanayo O Kanayo, Clarion Chukwurah, Halima Abubakar.

When asked why a movie about homosexuality, the producer replied:

When I saw the National Assembly debate on Gay Marriage, I thought it was prophetic because at the time, I produced the movie, we hadn’t engaged ourselves constructively on how to address the issue of gay. We pretended then as if it didn’t exist in our society. Not knowing that it was gradually eating into the fabrics of the society.

So, one saw it at that time and set out to discuss it via the tube. I may sound very judgmental about it but I have no apologies whatsoever. Homosexual is an evil act that our culture and religion as Africans prohibits, and so, speaking against it as a film maker is to re-echo what my society has been saying about the ugly practice.”

“At the time, I was shooting the movie, most of my colleagues frowned at the project because it was rumour then that some of them were involved in the act. I thought it was time to take a stand, given the fact that I was once called a gay, just to discredit my personality.”

“Today, I want the society to feel my purse differently, so that when the film is finally released into the market, they will be able to reconcile it with the Dickson Iroegbu they have known for several years. The world will also ascertain whether I’m a homosexual or not.


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