nnennaPopular children brand Nnena & Friends is set to expand its frontier as it launches Nnena & Friends Fan Club in schools within Lagos State.

The children brand sprang up after Yinka Olukunga played the role of Nnena in one of the popular soaps of Wale Adenuga Production (WAP), Superstory. Her character evolved into an entertainment brand with wide followership.

In time past, Nnena and Friends have held events during festive periods like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Children’s Day, Independence Day and End of Year show.

The Fan Club which was launched this week with representatives of WAP moving from school to school was set up with the aim of providing a dedicated commitment to child development through edutainment programmes.

Members of the Club are entitled to benefits such as Educative tours, Vocational skills acquisition, Grooming and talent development, Sponsorship to acquire foreign certificate.  Speaking on the development, Wale Adenuga, MFR said, “we have decided to take Nnena & Friends to schools because, there are more talents out there that need to be honed and that is the sole aim of Nnena & Friends” to hone  talents and help the children have fun while also learning.

Olayinka Garfus Olukunga the face of Nnena is an actress who has established her mark in the movie industry. She is a singer, a model, lover of children, and a role model to millions of children.

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February 02, 2011
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