Okey_Keira_Hewatch_Blessing_Egbe_Stella_Damasus_and_OC_UkejeFresh faces slug it out with Stella Damasus, Kalu Ikeagwu in Two Brides and a baby

Finally, when the highly awaited movie, Two Brides and a baby hits the cinema for a grand premiere on Thursday, November 17 two things will pan out, one, how the young horns hold their own against the established acts and how close to reality is the story behind the movie.

The movie produced by delectable Blessing Effiom Egbe has eclectic blend of tested hands and still very fresh horns. Established hands in the movie are Stela Damasus, Kalu Ikeagu and Blessing Egbe herself.

Stella Damasus play the role of Amma,  the ex who is hell bent on extracting her pound of flesh from Bankole, a role played by OC Ukeje. Kechie, the fiancé of Bankole was caught in the middle as the battle rages on especially when a baby is involved.

Keira …who play the role of Kechi Egbe said she was not intimidated as the stars made her feel at home. Stella, Kalu and Blessing were likeable. They wanted us to do better; they were always giving us tips on how to be better. They were down to earth and ready to help’.

On the comparisom to Mercy Johnson, Keira said she finds the comparison funny. ‘It’s funny because I don’t see resemblance. When people say we look alike and many compare us because of my role in Two Brides and a baby, I do a double check because we don’t look that much alike’. Keira who is pretty new in acting world has featured in Kajola, Monikan and Watching Girls.

The movie which is set to premier in the prestigious Genesis Deluxe Cinema on the 17th of November will afterwards start showing in all cinemas across the country on the 25th of November.

The movie “Two Brides and a Baby” is a beautifully crafted romantic comedy about Keche and Bankole whose plan to work down the aisle was jeopardized by the emergence of another woman which resulted in a chain of events and within 24 hours spiraled out of control the perfect relationship and now the two must weigh whether to risk the moment or stake the future on what they feel.

The movie has gathered 12 awards in its kitty from the prestigious Best of Nollywood awards (BON) which includes Best Supporting Actress (English), Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Revelation of the Year, Male Revelation of the Year, Revelation of the Year Female, Movie of the Year, Cinematography of the Year, Best Use of Costume, Director of the Year, Editor of the Year, Movie with the Best Sound, and Screen play of the Year category.



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