ebube-nwagbo-cnp2Rising Nollywood star, Ebube Nwagbo, has finally opened up on his dwindling relationship with Ogbonna Kanu, a younger brother to Super Eagles captain, Nwankwo Kanu.

Ebube said despite the fact that his romance with the former Ajax Amsterdam of Holland defender has suffered a big setback as a result of the campaign of calumny against her by those she described as enemies of progress, no man can put asunder what God had joined together.

“I don’t think anything went wrong,” the fair-complexioned actress who played a leading role in the popular movie entitled “Arrested by Love,” said in an exclusive interview with foremost celebrity magazine, City People.

“Everyone was talking about it and news was flying that we were married, some were saying they are not, too many stories then and I couldn’t handle it, maybe because of my character, everybody was telling him things about me and also telling me things about him.”

Speaking on her speculated pregnancy, Ebube continued: “That’s not true. What happened between Ogbonna and me is something I’ve always said I don’t discuss, but let me just clear the air. Everybody was just talking about us. There was a particular day we were together and I bought a magazine that said we had parted ways because of some shit I did which is not true.

“Remember, he is a man and a Nigerian at that, he would behave like a man and I couldn’t handle it. My parents were on my neck for marriage, people were asking, ‘how is your husband whenever they saw me and I would tell them, “I’m not married” and they would go over and tell him I denied him.

“They were putting so much pressure on the whole thing. I’m not saying we are quarelling but I decided to keep everything low, because I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. If we finally break up, it is going to affect me more not him and what’s gonna be, is gonna be. If he is going to be my husband, he would be. Everybody was so interested and I didn’t know what to do.”

Ebube also took a swipe on Nigerian press for her woes. Hear her: “He understands my job perfectly and I understand his also but with the press, oh God! He even asked me if I really got pregnant. But did not. If I did, it’s a good thing. I wanted to take my time to do the right thing at the right time. I won’t say it’s still on and I won’t say it’s not, because right now, I think we have to give each other a break.”

When asked whether she still loves Ogbonna and if she would be ready to go to the altar with the diminutive right back, Ebube responded: “Yes, I would. He came back home few months ago, and we are friends. I’m a very strong woman in that aspect because of my job. My boyfriend or rather Ogbonna doesn’t stay in the country. So, I’m already used to waiting till he comes back. We talk, we’re still close friends, very good ones even though we don’t have a close relationship like before.”



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