Monalisa Chinda and man Lanre NzeribeFor some time now, there has being speculation that pretty actress Monalisa Chinda and business man Lanre Nzeribe are an item, but it all remained speculative rumor and couldn’t be substantiated as the pair kept tight lipped about it until now.

Last week however, Lanre and Monalisa damned all consequences and decided to make their romance public, as they attended Uche Jumbo’s movie premiere together. Monalisa and Lanre arrived at the premiere late and tried as much as possible to avoid taking pictures together, entering the movie hall almost immediately they arrived. They took their seats side by side in the hall and after the movie, they hurriedly left the hall but once outside, elected not to walk together.

While Monalisa was talking with a friend, a reporter walked up to her and politely asked for a picture since she did not appear on the red carpet. She was still contemplating, when her friend abruptly said ‘No, she’s not taking pictures.’ It was Lanre.

Tracing Lanre and Monalisa’s relationship, unconfirmed reports have it that the two became friends while Monalisa was still married to alleged ex woman-batterer husband Segun Dejo Richards, an alleged philanderer as well. The reports have it that this amongst other reasons, was why Dejo allegedly resorted to battering Monalisa and made her life a living hell. Though this report remains unconfirmed, today, Lanre and Monalisa are definitely more than just platonic friends.

Even though the two have refused to confirm their public-secret relationship, sources close to the situation indicate that Lanre and Monalisa are very serious and are even considering tying the knot. How this will play out remains a mystery, because Lanre Nzeribe as at press time remains married, albeit, very few people know his wife.

Back to the present; the two left the venue of the premiere together in his Mercedes Benz E-Class with another couple-unidentified, perhaps on a double date, to an unknown location.

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