Youruba Actress Lizzy Da SilvaSerious war might soon brew between Liz Da Silva long time fiancée and the Osodi transporter and strong member of National Union of Road Transport Worker, Musiliu Akinsanya popularly called MC Oluomo. The popular transporter, who’s said to have dated so many Yoruba actresses, is allegedly said to be responsible for the recent pregnancy of Yoruba actress, Lizzy Da Silva.

According to gossip in the city, Lizzy Da Silva, who is four months gone, was said to have disclosed to a family friends that she is not even sure of who’s responsible for her pregnancy between Akeem, the long time boyfriend or MC Oluomo who she also fraternizes with sexually.

What precipitated this confirmation is the actress’ recent movement as she`s said to always be the cynosure of all eyes at MC Oluomo’s office in Oshodi and she was also one of the VIP guests at the Oshodi carnival day where she was on the high table with MC Oluomo with her slightly heavy tummy.

On her own, Lizzy is said to be very excited with her present condition but only keeping the father of her baby between her and her bedside.

The only thing that gave her away is the clandestine Oshodi movement because of the belief that it`s not possible for her to be flaunting another man’s baby in another man’s office, more so, the relationship between her and MC Oluomo has been so cordial and affectionate ever since her senior colleague, Iyabo Ojo introduced the duo. Whatever the case may be, bet will surely get to the root.

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