Queen_Ure_Okizie is back in the news. However, this time she’s set to ‘explore the waters’. The female pastor is not getting certain aspect of her life right, according to her story, hence she decided to say it all in the social networking space – for what purpose, I don’t understand.

From how she got dis-virgined at the age of 23 for some stupid reason (as a Christians who was even preaching the Gospel to others) as well as…
other personal issues that many would think should be kept from the public, she outlined her journey so far in the hands of different men and concluded by telling the world her next plans.

See all she wrote about herself below:
“(Sigh), strange thoughts on my mind. Born with a silver spoon in my mouth yep my dad was a minister in Gowon’s regime when I was born. Last born, only girl, never lacked anything, got born again at 10 in FGGC Owerri, grew up with very strong Christian values.

At 14, I was done with secondary school. Did my youth service at 21, shortly after I started working in Diamond Bank, then Zenith, then Platinum, then First Atlantic (Finbank). Rosy life but full of hard work, my dad instilled that into us being a medical doctor.

I forgot to say, I studied Physics in the university (B.sc), my life on campus was lectures and church, I actually started preaching seriously from secondary school. Typical S.U all through campus days at UJ (Unijos).

Now my love life, got ‘dis-virgined’ at 23 just as I was getting into Diamond bank…well I did it out of curiosity and a feeling of ‘Na only me be Christian?’. In the process in my nativity I got pregnant twice and removed both meanwhile I did the stuff few times. Small, small, the clock started ticking, at 29 honestly I don’t know how I got married to this guy that I don’t love, good looking, rich and all (he’s presently in the US) I married him to please my dad but as soon as my dad died my brother came and got me out of there (long story), this sweet ‘good’ girl had suddenly turned a divorcee!!

No kids because I didn’t want to (have any) since I didn’t love him. Tried getting married again but this time to a much younger guy who claimed he loved me helplessly and I went and believed him, I put in everything as in everything, there was so much money at my end and the love was flowing, shortly after I had a small financial setback he took off.

I’ve always believed in love. I’m a strong believer in love, I even tried another relationship where I was also the bread winner but when I couldn’t meet a certain demand he took off. (Laughs) I’ve never gone out with anyone because of money.

If I love you, I love you. If I don’t love you, I don’t love you. I really love family and would want to be happily married with kids. I’ve never been one to date married guys but now I want to change. I feel like putting love aside to date for selfish reasons. I’ve not started but I’m seriously contemplating it, or better still get a bastardly wealthy guy and just stick with him and let him look after me (I’m actually tired of working hard).

If I end up having kids fine, if not I’ll eventually adopt. I’m actually tired of being a good girl. (Laughs) because, lots of people actually think I’m ‘bad’ anyway so it won’t make a difference if I just become BAD. #JustThinking Happy Subsidy.”

Your thoughts please.

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