Doris SimeonDoris Simeon, in a recent interview with vanguard, talked about her love for children and her plans to run an NGO to put smiles on peoples faces.


The move, according to some, is a very laudable one and must be encouraged. However, some critics have noted that the same lady who claims to love children can today not lay claim to where exactly her ex-husband Daniel Ademinokan has eloped to with her own child.


They claim that charity begins at home and that if truly she is a good mother who genuinely loves children, she would have played her part as a true mother by holding on to her only child instead of galivanting round the world and allowing her ex to have custody of her only child. 


They stated that Daniel must have been playing Doris' role for her as both a mother and a good father. 


Do you agree with the opinion of these critics?




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