Monalisa-chinda-cnp-a4Marriage as an institution ordained by the Almighty Himself is tempted to ridicule. Every now and then, the air is polluted, and the filthy news point to the failed marriage involving one Nollywood top actress or the other. Worrisome is the rate at which these star actresses are divorcing their husbands.

A survey conducted recently by an independent observer indicated that excessive influence cum intoxication that comes with fame is not far from being responsible for the incessant break-up of marriages of these famous actresses.

Indeed, these past years had it all. Some of the divorce cases are touching, others devastating, while many elicited anger, as a few even tickled the industry observers. The splits, the fits and the emotional pits that becomes the aftermath of the marriage of these top rated actresses. From Eucharia Anunobi to Chiege Alisigwe, Fathia Balogun, Shan George, Bukky Wright, Regina Askia, Obot Etuk, Stephanie Okereke, Ngozi

Nwosu, Ann Njemanze, Ibinabo Fiberesima, Sandra Achums and Alex Lopex, the list is endless.

However, to keep the record straight, HVP this week, takes a crucial look at the lifestyle and circumstances that surrounded the crumbling of the union of this respected actresses. It also as a matter of tradition take swipe at what is supposed to be the challenges facing these affected celebrities. While the list appear endless, attempt is made here to take on eleven actresses whose cases appear somewhat exceptional.

Eucharia Anunobi

She came into the movie industry when she starred in Okechukwu Ogunjiofor’s produced “Nneka the Pretty Serpent(I&II)” as a goddess and later had her break after starring also in “Glamour Girls(I&II).

Eucharia’s forte is acting bitchy roles in movies. And the question many have continued to ask is, whether she took the act to her matrimonial home.

Was she bitchy to her husband? In an interview, she granted to Showtime last year, Eucharia admitted that rather than being bitchy to ex-husband, Mr. Charles Ekwu, she married the man out of uncontrolled infatuation, resulting in her inability to read the handwriting on the wall.

Anunobi probably believed that she had found Mr. Right when she hooked up and married her ex-husband. Like a few of her colleagues, Anunobi married on the job. But unlike many of them, she was naive to have studied the man she was confessing love to, before saying “I do” to him. Hence, she did not only dash her dream of staying married, but also, to raise a Christian family. Reports had it that Anunobi was a victim of wife-battering.

Ever before her ex-husband dumped his matrimonial home in 2007, and in the process, also abandoned his child, stories of wife-battering, which Anunobi was accused of denying was inevitable. Unconfirmed reports claim that Mr. Ekwu chickened out of the union, following his unable to fulfil his financial obligations to the union.

But Anunobi herself said, she walked out of the marriage because of the health condition of her ex-husband, who according to her, was an AS person. However, she recently boasted of looking forward to remarrying again. After two years her marriage crumbled, many are still wondering what have become of this dreadful Nollywood actress.

From all indication, Anunobi has shown that she got nothing to regret nor loose in the cause of her crumbled union. After all, her recent dress-to-kill pose remains a clear indication of how much she welcomed the expected separation . How she is coping today depends on her new philosophy, which says that “anybody who wants to go into marriage must learn to follow the proper procedures like taking the genotype text and other necessary requirements that can cause problem in future especially with that man that worth it.”

While many factors has been identified as being responsible for this ugly development, the fact remains that more and more notable nollywood actresses are moving from the altar to divorce courts at a speed that would shame lightening. To some keen observers, this ugly development is no less an indictment on the part of the credibility and ratings of nollywood as the third largest film industry across the world.

Chiege Alisigwe
Believed to have paid her dues as one of the notable actresses with a sting of movies to her credit, Chiege’s journey into the movie industry started in 1998 when she played a role in the movie called “Igodo. ” Her marriage crumbled as quickly as it was contracted in 2002.Chiege cited incompatibility as one of the reasons her marriage crashed.

Bukky Wright
In an interview published in Saturday Vanguard in 2007, the actress denied making the wrong choice of husband, but admitted however that she was naive when the affair was contracted. According to her, “may be it was a wrong choice.

I won’t call it a mistake, but I call it experience which I have learnt from.” Chiege was heavy with three-months pregnancy before their union crumbled. And since then, the Orlu-Imo State born actress have picked up the broken pieces of her life, and moved on, learning to cope with the challenges associated with being a single parent.

In the meantime, Chiege has not ruled out the idea of remarrying provided the right man comes her way. She said, ‘yes, if the time is right and the guy is right, why not. I am young and can’t live my entire life alone without a man. But the time and the guy has to be right. I cannot afford to make the mistake I made earlier.”

Today, could it be interpreted to mean that Chiege is faring better now than when she was married or that she has learnt to keep behind her the memories of her crumbled union.

Stephanie Okereke

In a recently newspaper report, actress Stephanie made her feelings known when she said, she is a better person now than when she was married. Stephanie’s marriage with a former Super Eagles player, Chikelue Iloenyosi was contracted in 2004.

But the marriage could not be sustained, as the highly rated actress was reported to have gone to a Lagos

Ibinabo Fiberesima
court seeking to nullify her marriage on the grounds that her ex-husband was having illicit affairs with other women. Nine years after her short-lived union, Stephanie no doubt proved to have no regret whatsoever.

Rather she’s continuing to endear herself to many movie bluffs, growing from strength to strength, making waves and new exploits. From all available statistic, Stephanie appear to be more comfortable, and contented than ever before. But like Chiege, she has not ruled out the possibilities of looking forward to meeting Mr. Right.

Fathia Balogun

Like Fathia Balogun’s relationship with her first husband, Tunde Anchor, the marriage between the Edo State born actress and fellow actor Saheed Balogun consequently hit the rock. But before meeting Saheed Balogun, Fathia has a son in London for her former husband Tunde. The son lives with the father in London. Fathia’s marriage to Saheed was the talk of the industry before the couples felt apart.

Saheed always took time out to tell the world how rock solid his union with Fatia was. He spared no word in praising her to the highest heavens. That was until disaster struck after a close pal of Saheed’s was alleged to be having trysts with his wife. The actor/producer was said to have done all he could to save his marriage from going under because they already had two kids together.

Fatia made attempts to be reunited with her husband unsuccessfully. She had even dedicated an award she won in the UK to him and enlisted top Yoruba actors, including the likes of Jide Kosoko to help plead her course.

But till date, Saheed has remained adamant, insisting that their union is buried in the graveyard of history. For Fathia, it’s morning yet on a gloomy day.

Shan George

Her dream to become an actress stemmed from watching TV through the window at the only house with a TV set in the village and desiring to be on TV too.

At 15 years, she was married off to a much older man on the promise that he’ll educate her- but she ended up being his punching bag for six years

She walked out of her first marriage at age 21 and lived on the streets before a kind lady took her in and got her educated. The happiest day of her life was when she got admitted into the University of Lagos at the age of 29.

However, she found ‘love’ and got married again while in school but love turned sour when she got castigated for catching her second ex-husband – a London based Nigerian – pants down. When she hooked up with the man, she told those who cared to listen it was for good. But her marriage to her newly found foreign based husband, Mr. Nwosisi was shot-lived. Last year she reportedly told NFC that the reason she deserted her matrimonial home was because she was not ready for a servant/master relationship.

According to reports, Nwosisi alleged to have been reduced to a servant and so she had to call it off. Meanwhile she has grown up kids from her first marriage that are based in the UK with her first husband. Word has it that she is currently dating a toy boy.

Shan George
Shan got married at the tender age, and after bearing two kids walked out of the union because her husband would not send her to school.

Ann Njemanze

In the 90s, actress Ann Njemanze, who later was enmeshed in a romance with actor Segun Arinze that ended as quickly as it emerged after the union produced a baby girl was one of the most sought after faces of the Nigerian movie industry.

Many fans of these couple believed the pair failed to consolidate on the gains of their marriage. Njemanze before, and after staying off the screen for awhile was a darling to many of her fans especially to those who watched her moving delivery of her roles in such films as True Confession, Forever among others. But suddenly, she vanished from the scene, may be, owing to her inability to stand the accusations and counter accusations that trailed her crumbled union.

While Segun has re-married again, Ann had found solace in going back to school to update her knowledge. Now, a graduate of Visual Art of the University of Lagos, the question on the lips of many of her fans today is whether Ann is a better person now than, when she was emotionally enslaved to Segun.

Indeed, from all indications, and judging from the available proofs, the Imo State born actress is sure to have overcome the trauma that was the aftermath of the crumbled union, as she now sound more confidence and better prepared to face the challenges associated with managing stardom and single parenthood. HVP gathered that the star actress, in moving with her life long has taken to writing poems, and capturing her thoughts in colours as a consolation for her failed marriage.

Obot Etuk

Obot Etuk is one of the most respected in interpreting movie roles but this is not the same with her life style. She was celebrated for her love affairs with younger colleague Ernest Azuzu. Despite the age difference, several times, the actor would beat her to the surprise of most people. Today, Obot has three kids out of wedlock.

Sandra Achums

Sandra Achums today has two children from two fathers. The first came and the father was unknown so also is the case with her second child. The reason for keeping her relationship from the pages of paper may be due to the loss of her proposed marriage years back, which most soft sell magazines feasted on.

Ibinabo Fiberesima

Recently convicted actress Ibinabo has her own share of failed relationship. Her affairs with Phillip Trimnell and top singer Daniel Wilson were widely celebrated in the pages of the national dailies.

Not too long ago she got into trouble when her car rammed into a doctor’s car, killing him in the process, and leading to her conviction in a manner that stripped naked of her fame. Today, rumours had that Ibinabo and ace- actor Fred Amata are going out, and any moment from now could hook each other in wedlock.

Time will tell if Ibinabo, who already has two children from two different fathers, would be lucky this time. But for the recent humiliation she suffered, following the long arms of the law which descended on her, Ibinabo is readily a victim of double-tragedy; failed relationship and lost of self-respect, and as a result, may need time to allow the wound to heal .

Alex Lopex

Unlike most actresses who find it hard to openly identify with their children, Alex Lopex’s case is different. At any given time, she’s ready to tell anyone that she has a son, Joshua, whom she had for her lover. Although, the relationship did not last, Lopex is ever grateful for the joy of motherhood the relationship afforded her.

Bukky Wright

Hers is a popular face in TV soaps and home videos. One minute, she is the adorable mum, the next she is the bitch. She was Ajoke, the ill-treated wife of Suara in the Super Story series which endeared her to the hearts of Nigerian TV viewers.

Her role in KKK, a Yoruba home video might have put her in the black book of other viewers. An Economics graduate, Bukky was reported to have belittled marriage, describing it as something that has no place in her dictionary of life, especially now that she has been in and out of it for two consecutive time. According to her, “I’ve been into two marriages.

But I believe they are not meant to be. I believe in the will of God. I won’t say they are mistakes and like I said, it is the will of God that supercedes whatever we think we are. I still believe that is the way God wants it. Things happen in our lives that we can’t control.

At times, the experience could serve as an eye-opener for us. And at times, one could feel – Oh my God, what have I done! – instead of moving on with our lives.”

For Bukky, it’s not right for one to lament over his or her mistakes. Although, claiming her career was never affected by her crashed marriages, the issue of marriage, she hinted remain one aspect of her life that she has decided to leave behind her, and move on with my life. Only recently, her seeming perfect relationship between her and a socialite, Bolaji Basia, broke down.

Despite her fame and affluence, Bukky is not shying away from hoping to meet her dream man someday. But at the moment, like most of her affected colleagues, the beautiful actress has no cause to complaining either.

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