Paramore’s sound is a more danceable

Every country has its own fashion. In Nigeria, the fashion is greatly dominated by the regions. The latest Nigeria fashion trends are belts, tank tops, beads and gypsy skirts.

Nigerian fashion encompasses traditional wear of Nigeria, accessories, jeweleries and kids wear. Even the wedding dresses and other valuables are dominated by the Nigeria fashion trends. Even fashion is a part of the Nigerian culture. There are also eminent designers, designing clothes at par with the contemporary lifestyle. The fashion magazines feature articles on the latest fashion trends and also provide tips on dressing and make up. Awards are given to the budding and eminent designers to felicitate their work.

The Nigerian fashion harps on the fashion trends of both men and women. Some of the companies designing for men are Ayo Salako Clothing, Rejoice Lowe, Phil ,Garment Design, African Design Centre. A few of the women’s fashion companies are El- Shaddai fashions, Africastyles African Clothing, Temi Gees fashions to name a few. Generally damask cloth is used to make the traditional wear of Nigeria. Shaboss Collections, Helen Schneider Embroideries, Filtex Ltd ST. Gall Switzerland, Larjessy Ventures International, Bay African Fabric are some of the companies, specializing in designing traditional wears.

HauTe is one of the Nigeria fashion magazines, featuring the latest works of the Nigerian designers, from across the globe. The magazine acts as a base to the Nigerian designers to step into the world of fashion, updating themselves with the fashion trends prevalent around the world.

Nigerian Fashion is teeming up with the fashion trends of the world, presenting to the world some of the best designers.

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