Yvonne-JegedeYvonne Jegede is a Nigerian actress and one of the new faces of Nollywood. she played a lead role in african baby and also played a role in wealth aside along side Nonso Diobi and Mercy Johnson . She has also featured in the African Queen Music video by 2Face and a good number of Nollywood movies. Look out for her because you are going to be seeing more of her.

Despite the constant resistance and opposition from her strict dad, an opportunity to hit the klieg lights had always been on the mind of Yvonne Jegede, and this, dates back to when she was even a child.

And as fate would have it, her long awaited dream of becoming a screen star, finally came in 2004, when she got her first movie role in Missing Angel, which further opened the floodgate for other movies and TV soaps in quick successions.

Aside acting, pretty Jegede, from Edo State, who turns 26, this August, is also a model and music performer with many music videos to her credit. In fact, her scintillating appearance in Tuface Idibia’s monster hit, African Queen, alongside two other beauties, is still being talked about.

In this heart-warming encounter with http://nigeriafilms.com , Jegede, who quietly disappeared from the industry’s radar for over two years, is not only back with a bang, but also wants to furthe expand her horizon by veering into movie production.

The boisterous entertainer also told us where she’s been, the stuffs that kept her busy, why she’s back, the big project and many more.

We would like to know what led to your almost two years absence from the movie industry?

I left Nollywood when I got admission to study in a Cyprus university in Europe. I’m in my second year studying international relations, that’s where I have been all these days.

Many of your fast growing fans are also sad that you left Nollywood at the peak of your career; do you feel the same way?

I thought about school first of all, because school is very vital. A couple of good friends spoke to me about going to school and getting a degree. But the truth is that, even if I go for ten years and come back, I’ll still meet the industry, and that was why I had to leave the time I did and I’m glad I’d left then. No regrets also, but I’m back and will apologize to my fans through your medium and my subsequent movies.

So, what brought you back?

Well, I came back to contribute more to the growth of Nollywood, based on the many ideas in my head. By remaining in school, I won’t actualize them. So, I decided to take a break from school in order to do one or two more things before going back. In essence, I’m in town to start work on my big project, a proper Niaja film with a little bit of my twist to it, and the story is mine, it’s about domestic violence. I’m also looking at getting sponsors to partner with me in the project. In fact, we are storming location soon, in the next couple of weeks to begin work.

How’s life in Cyprus?

For me, nothing much, only that you have a lot of white people working around, life is still the same, you wake up in the morning and go to school, just the regular life we live here in Nigeria. Majority of the people in Northern Cyprus, which is where I reside, are Nigerian students. We also go clubbing most weekends.

Why Cyprus?

I met someone who sold the idea to me. The school is Near East University, located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Which was your last movie before jetting out?

It was Blood Sisters and I actually left from set straight to the airport, I did not finish my scene before traveling. Again, Nollywood has actually changed, but I would not say if its for better or worse. But we hope it comes back better because it’s a little bit shaky now. I know Nollywood will be a lot better when it eventually bounces back.

While you were away, did you miss Nollywood?

Yes, I did, I miss work, if I don’t miss Nollywood, I won’t be here, i won’t even leave school for this long. I seriously miss my acting, because its fun for me, its what I love doing, I also miss my friends, colleagues and the cameras. Honestly, I miss the lights and the drama on set.

What concerted efforts are you making towards re-launching yourself into mainstream acting in Nollywood?

Sincerely, I’m not making any effort at the moment, because of my movie project, which is what brought me home. So right now, I’m giving it my all. I’m also happy some banks and other corporate bodies are also showing interest.

Now that you are back, is marriage also on your mind?

I’m not expecting this question, but for now, no, but I’m seeing somebody at the moment. I will be 26 on August 25, 2009. Mentally, I don’t think I’m ready for marriage. May be, I will be ready when I make my first 100 million. I’m just joking, I’m back in Nollywood, but not fully back, scripts are coming my way. I’m working very hard to be better than what I left behind, not to be where I was before I left

Share more about your background with us?

Well, as most people already know, Yvonne Jegede, is from Edo State, Agenebode to be precise. I’m in my mid 20’s, the first of nine children from my father and the first of five from my mother. In essence, I have 13 younger ones. I started my primary school in Kano, later moved to Plateau state, but completed it in Lagos. I have a diploma in Law from Lagos State University, before going to Cyprus for further studies. I also speak Hausa fluently. On a sober note, it’s not been easy coping with life as a child from a separated home. Aside acting, I’m also a model and a professional music video performer.

Most people mistake me for a dancer, I’m not, and I only appear in music videos as a performer. Even though I got into the industry through music videos, my first love remains acting, but truth is that music videos got me more roles, made me popular and helped me to get to where I am now. I started acting professionally with Blaze of Glory on TV, my role as a drug addict in the soap was really challenging. My role in Tade Ogidan’s Behind the Siege, was also well applauded, this was in 2004, still on TV. But my first movie was Missing Angel same 2004, it was on that set that I got the offer to star in Tuface Idibia’s African Queen courtesy of Uzodinma Okpechi. I have also worked with other acts like: Fadabasi, Mr. Cool, D’Jinee and several others. Let me also say it here that an uncel – veteran actor Ignis Ekwe made my coming into Nollywood smooth and possible. And I featured in over 20 hit movies before my departure two years ago.

What would you say were the major challenges you encountered then?

A lot, but despite the challenges, it’s been fun because it is something I’ve always wanted to do, that is why I’m not feeling the stress that much. In fact, I’m still working hard to be at the top.

As a busty actress, can you bare-it-all in a movie?

I do not think so, but deep down I know I can be a bit daring in movies.

Why not tell us more about your love like?

Why do you want to know? Well, like I told you, I have a relationship and I think that’s all I can say for now.

Come to think of it, did your parents endorse your odyssey in Nollywood, when you first started?

Never, my dad was never in support until I did AIDS Patients, a movie I did for my church, he calmed down when he saw it. He later called me again and gave me his blessings. My mum, unlike my dad then, was so, so excited about my coming into Nollywood.

Who are the people you look up to as role models in Nollywood?

Plenty of them, Joke Silva, Genevieve Nnaji, Olu Jacobs and RMD, I also admire Mercy Johnson. Among them, I’ve worked with most of them and they are all inspiring.

What breaks you down and also makes you cry?

Disappointments, heartbreaks and total rejection.

Like how many times have guys rejected you and broken your fragile heart?

Heartbroken? May be, I’ve experienced that like three times, but life goes on because I bounce back very fast after the whole thing. I recover fast and very strong when it comes to coping with heartbreaks.

Do you believe in love?

Yes, I do and cry every time for love, because I’m emotional and highly romantic too.

Describe yourself for us?

I’m a jovial person, not shy and fun to be with, addictive, lovable and very happy no matter the situation.

What is your biggest vice as a young lady?

I think I like having fun and clubbing, at least, twice in a month.

How do you feel when people complement your beauty?

My dad started it, so, right now, it does not freak me, because I’m used to it.

So, how do you cope with advances from the guys?

It’s not been easy but I get by.

But what part of your body trips the opposite sex most?

From head-to-toe, they all trip always, however, my boobs are the sexiest part of my body, and a whole lot of guys complement them, even
my guy. It makes me know that I’m richly endowed.

Do you intend baring some of it in the movies soon?

No way! I can’t reveal my boobs publicly no matter the amount involved; they are so sweet and precious to me.Filmography:

AIDS Patient

World of Loneliness

Secret Game

Under The Sky

Last Dance

Emotional Blunder

African Queen Video


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