Queen NwokoyeOur Nollywood star this week is ‘Speak The Word” star, Queen Nwokoye from Anambra State and a graduate of sociology and Anthropology from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. The star actress is just 25 years old and very much single.

She shot into limelight through the movie ‘Speak The Word’. Her unassuming nature and humility has endeared her to movie makers such that the clamour for her presence on movie locations has become almost inevitable.

Well, lately, the amiable Everlasting Love star, whose burgeoning fame in the industry has also been educing hush tones with her constant presence in social circles and further raising the stake’s moving up the ladder. Only recently, the Enugu-based award-winning actress known to be reticent made a grand appearance to the Green and White party organized by Encomium Magazines swathed in lovely quarter a million ensemble made by a top fashion expert named La Christine based in Port Harcourt. When she sashayed into the magnificent hall, she became the cynosure of all eyes; stealing the show with her poise and elegance.

While she sat savouring the night, she got a cheering news that her latest wonder-on-wheels had arrived. She could not hold it as she stood up in elation dancing away to the jamz from DJ Jimmy Jatt. When I saw her wriggling and swirling away knowing the kind of person she is, I was curious. I had to ask if all was well and it was then she whispered into my ears that her new RAV 4 SUV just arrived and she can’t wait to get back to Enugu. Well, I say congrats to her and welcome her to the league of SUV owners! Yes, less I forget, while we were going to the press; I was reliably informed learnt that she had fever. But she over 100% ok now because, she’s been as busy as beaver traveling from Ghana and back to Lagos for a new movie. I gathered Mama G and, Ghanaian’s Jackie Apea are part of this flick.

His majesty,

Short of time,

My Girl friend,

Speak the word

Show me Heaven

My Everlasting love

When u’re mine

Back drop

Sisters keeper


The cabal

The successor

House in crisis

Wild Angel

The Last Super

Disco Dancer

Old Cargos

Save The Baby

Security Risk

And more

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