Padita Agu

Padita Agu is her name, she is beautiful and talented. She belongs to the class of Nollywood actress who are featured prominently as supporting act. The movie that brought her to limelight was Egg Of Life where she was part of the selected girls sent into the forest to fetch the Egg Of Life.

Padita chooses her scripts carefully and plays intelligent characters that leave you yearn for more. And she’s a great dancer too, she swept Desmond Elliot off his feet after he saw her sensually sway to a hi-life tune! She’s beautiful and intelligent, Nollywood needs more of that.

Although the competition is stiff in Nollywood; I believe if she is given more lead roles she could go places.


Egg of Life 1&2

Without Apology 1&2

Final Mission

Into Temptation

My Faithful Friend

Shackles Of Death 1&2


A Surprise Mission

Burning Heart 1&2

In Jesus Name

Money Talks 1&2

Sister Sister

Desperate Romance 1&2


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