Mark-GeorgewillNathaniel Ruskin Mark Georgewill came into acting because he was being short-changed by agents as a model. He lamented that he was always left with little or nothing hence he had to cross over to acting. He is currently rated as the tallest artiste in Nollywood, standing at six feet seven inches.

The actor, who hails from Akuku-Toru Local Government area of Rivers State, compares Nollywood to a moving train that would gather momentum and become unstoppable with time.
Educational background
I attended Nyemoni Primary School, Abonnema. Later, I proceeded to Nyemoni Grammar School, Abonnema, Rivers State and went to Universal College of Technology, Ile-Ife where I studied Marketing.

Coming into acting
I came into acting as a model because I saw most of my contemporaries switched over to Nollywood. It got to a stage that modeling was becoming boring. Models were underpayed and some of us had to seek other means of survival. I came into Nollywood in 2004 and after a while, I left and went into Events Management before I finally came back in 2005. I have done modelling jobs for May & Baker, Federal Road Safety Corps, Cadbury etc.

Nollywood debut
My first movie was Crying Angel where I played the role of a man whose friend had just arrived from the U.S. I have acted in other movies like Sweet Mama, Price of fame, Abuja top ladies, Sting, Secret mission, Hear my cry, Drug Empire, Total control, World of our own, Last dance, Weeping tiger among others.

Getting roles
Mostly, I get my roles through auditions. I have also worked with some directors in the past and they would call me when they want to produce a movie and give me a role.
Disappointing moments
We once did a job for a producer and after he had shot the film, he switched off his phone. We couldn’t get in touch with him for a very long time. Up till now, he has not paid us. I would put in my best for a production and when it is time to collect my money, the producer would disappear. Eventually, when we see him, he would start to give one excuse or the other.

Tallest artiste in Nollywood
So far, I am the tallest actor in Nollywood. Initially, some of my colleagues thought that Hanks Anuku is the tallest actor, while others said that it was Richard Mofe Damijo or Peter Roberts. After much argument, they agreed that I am the tallest.

Intimidating people with height
Somehow, my height intimidates those who suffer from inferiority complex. Others derive pleasure having me in their midst.

Why I quit modelling
I left modelling because of the under payments by agents. For example, two or three different agents would take their percentage and at the end of the day, the model is left with little or nothing. Hopefully, I am looking forward to a better modelling deal like that of Michael Power with Guinness. I want a situation whereby I would be a model for a reputable organisation for a period of two or three years with an option of renewing the contract.

Assessing Nollywood
Nollywood can be likened to a moving train that has not gathered momentum yet, but would gather speed with time
and become unstoppable. I give kudos to the marketers who have spent so much in projecting the image of Nollywood. I also want the government to come out with a foundation to assist the marketers. I believe that Nollywood will generate 20 or 30 billion dollars in the next 10 years if government and corporate organisations come in to invest.

Role model
My role models are Alex Osifo, Olu Jacobs, Charles Okafor, Ngozi Ezelu, Ebere Okaro because they have not been associated with any scandal. They are decent in their activities, and in their relationship with other artistes.

Acting nude
It depends on the kind of nudity that you are talking about. If I am going to be on pants alone, I can act the role but if I am going to be naked completely, I won’t do it because my family would not accept it.
Relationship with females
I am very close to female artists in Nollywood because I relate with them like a brother to his sisters.

They have confidence in me because I have never abused the conditions of our friendship; which is trust and loyalty. There is no emotional attachment rather it is a relationship that is strictly profesional.

Messages to my fans
They should keep on watching my movies. They have not seen the best from me yet. I am still working on my talents and skills.
Future plans
I want to leave a footprint when I leave this world. I also want to be the best in the industry.


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