Ebube Nwagbo Educational background.
I attended the Federal Polytechnic Oko and had my OND and HND there. I later went further and I finished from Nnamdi Azikiwe University where I read Mass Communication. I did diploma programme in Law at the University of Benin because I had always wanted to be a lawyer but when I wrote JAMB five times and it did not work out, I had to write Poly JAMB.

Growing up.
While growing up, I loved watching television but I never wanted to be an actress though I wanted to appear on television maybe as a lawyer or a broadcaster. It did not come out that way so one day, I made up my mind to act because I believed I could do what those people on television were doing. Again, I wanted to do something will earn me money. That led me into acting.

Getting into Nollywood.
I called up a friend I used to know way back in school, Obinna is his name and I told him that I wanted to act. He in turn told me about an audition in Onitsha where the Amaco brothers were having an audition. I went for the audition and that was it. My first movie is Arrested by Love where I acted with Jim Iyke, Pete Edochie and some other actors.

Initial fears and challenges.
I had a whole lot of fears. At first, I could not believe I could do it but my director, producer and crew members believed in me and made me believe in myself. I had thought I would start up with some thing small but they gave me the lead role which I did not expect. I tried to bring out the little I had in me then and it came out and people like it. I started up from the East and there is a great difference between Lagos and Eastern States; I had to break that jinx and prove that if I could do it there I had to do it in Lagos. It was not easy but I was able to prove people wrong. Right now, I shoot anywhere and I am happy to have proved that something good can come out of the East.

Dating the Amaco brothers.
That is not true! I did not know Amaco from any where; I only know Obinna who worked for them and when I went for the audition that day, they were not there. So the director invited me over to do the audition in front of them. It was actually Ifeanyi Akwedo who felt I could do it. There were three other girls that day but at the end of the day I was chosen. I believe that Amaco wanted to use me to prove a point and at the end of the day, he achieved what he wanted. I came from nowhere but here I am today. He gave me the opportunity to come this far. So no matter what people think, nothing actually happened between us. I was not even supposed to play that role but they saw me and believed that I could do better than I was doing. I was paid about N40, 000 for the first movie I did.

Handling the male fans.
Its been crazy but the only thing they can do is to call me on phone and I will just tell them that I am married. Many of them tell me they want to be my friend and they talk to me on phone. So if I was married for real they will still be pestering my life.

Love life and marriage.
Marriage is what every girl dreams of and I told God that I want to get married at this point of my time in life and I believe he will do it soon. I am dating Ogbonna Kanu. I cannot say when I will get married because God has the final say. I met Ogbonna while in Lagos while I was with a friend.

Nollywood and drugs.
I think that it is a personal thing; it is not about being paid or not. If I am so broke, nothing is going to make me go into pushing drugs because when we do it is news but when somebody else does it is no news. It is just like when someone goes into stealing, will you say such person went into crime because he is not being paid enough when there are other things he can do. I believe it is a personal thing and not about being well paid or not; they have money and want so much.

Nollywood and Lesbainism.
Lesbianism is not just in Nollywood, it is everywhere but because it is Nollywood it is news. I have heard about it and get calls from women all the time and they are not in Nollywood, but yet they want to be with you especially married women: I get such calls all the time. I avoid them by telling them I am not interested; before I used to be polite which made them keep calling me. It is sickening and when I found out that they want me as their partner, I told them off, by bluntly making it clear that I am not interested. I discovered that being polite does not solve matters.

Nollywood and stereotyped story lines.
The audience in Nigeria are not helping matters, if you do something outside what you have love and all that, nobody is going to watch it. Just like doing an action movie in Nigeria, it’s something we are not used to. Even the international stories sometimes do not have any story to tell but we get carried away with the action and movie tricks they apply, but down here, rituals and love are things that happen everyday in Nigeria and I believe that’s what Nigerians want to watch.

Bad habits
I bite my nails a lot and scratch my eyes; I don’t mind where I am when it itches me I scratch my eyes and my make up is cleaned.

Greatest body asset.
I would say my hips. In Nigeria, most of the girls want to maintain a great figure like mine.

Ideal man?
He has to be God fearing, and has good sense of humour and also, very understanding.

Like Nigerian men for
Their ability to spend.

….hate them for
Nigerian men gossip a lot.

Nollywood stars and failed marriages.
It scares me honestly, even though I believe that it is an individual thing because I believe those my colleagues never wanted their marriage to collapse. But it still does not matter who is involved because there are some good ones among them and I say if theirs could collapse what would happen to mine. I pray that I don’t fall into that category.

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