dakore-egbuson-cnp1Dakore Egbuson is one of the top glamorous stars in Nollywood, who has shined since the year 2000. This beautiful star, who is the first child of five, attended Corona Primary School.

Upon graduation from primary school she attended A-Z Secondary School, and later attended Government Girl’s College. She then went on to further her educational career at UNILAG where she studied Mass Communications. However, due to school strikes she never received her diploma. She did not let Nigeria’s social and economical problems stop her from becoming big. She started working at an advertisement company where she met Emem Isong who was holding auditions for a new script. Isong took one look at Dakore and said, “Wow you look good. Could you please read this script for me?” and from there, gateways started opening for Ms. Dakore.

Dakore played her first role in a soap opera on AIT, which never aired. Isong said she will give her a call for a role once one becomes available. Dakore, although unsure of Isong’s assurance, gave Isong her number and a year later Isong gave her a call to play a lead role in the movie Silent Tears in the year 2000. She then starred lead roles in Playboy, Tentacles and She-Devil. From there, she flew to London and settled where she pursued her acting career. She presented on BEN TV and Soul Sister, her own show. She also started to pursue a career in music- jazz and soul, in which she performed in Queen Elizabeth Hall.

While in London, Dakore was receiving calls from Nigeria to star in many more movies. She took advantage of the opportunity and flew back to Nigeria. She starred in Emotional Crack, Shattered Illusions, When the Going Gets Tough, Hole in the Heart, Dangerous Sisters, and Bus Driver to name a few. Dakore has surely made a name for herself and has fast become a rising star.

When it comes to awards, this babe is not lacking. She won Best New Actress and Best Supporting Actress in two categories for the smash hit movie, Emotional Crack, during the REEL AWARDS in 2004. Recently, she won BEST ACTRESS for the NEA awards which took place in Maryland, USA in July 2006. As this was the first annual NEA awards, she has gone down in history as the first Best Actress Award winner. She is clearly not only known in Nigeria but in London, America and all around the world. Her rise to stardom has been a very great inspiration for upcoming actresses.

I had the chance to personally interview this stunningly beautiful lady. Sophistication speaks from her. With her lovely facial features, her recently dyed dreadlocks, and her wonderful shape this babe surely is not one of those wannabe stars in Nollywood.

Onm: i know you won the best actress during the nea awards last summer. how did you feel when your name was called?
Dakore: Maaaaan….I was so flat. I was actually contemplating going to the loo, then all of a sudden I had the urge to pee and my friend that I came to the awards with said I should wait. Suddenly, my name was called. It was just feelings of different emotions. I was really happy and overwhelmed.

Onm: i want to comment- you looked really beautiful at the award ceremony. i liked the dress you were wearing. Very nice.
Dakore: Thank yooouuuu….That was actually made for me by Ezeli Kokota. It was made from African fabric with a contemporary design and style so it was very cool.

Onm: a beautiful woman like you has to have a man in your life. so tell us about the special guy in yours.
Dakore: Emmmmm… I really don’t like discussing my personal life, but I will say that we’re happy and he is a great guy. He is not someone that wants to be talked about. Hopefully, when I’m married I’m not going to hide it.

Onm: good luck with that. I hope everything works out well. You have a movie- ‘the successor’ with Stephanie Okereke and I know she had an accident so you weren’t able to complete the movie.
Dakore: Yeah. We shot the movie here in Nigeria and due to Stephanie’s accident we had to put it on hold. Thankfully we were able to complete the movie and it premiered in London at Odion Cinema. It was a big event and I was really happy that it came out successful. I like the fact that people came together to support the movie and the response from people was also overwhelming. The movie is really good and it gives a message. Look out for it!!!!!!!!!

Onm: yes I will. a lot of fans, like myself, know that you are also blessed with a great beautiful voice. I mean we all heard you sing in emotional crack, shattered illusions and last game. we are all wondering, ‘when is Dakore releasing an album’ ????!!!!!!
Dakore: It’s coming out soon but I don’t want to say a time so that if it doesn’t come out, they won’t say “ohhh she said this and that”. I am a musician before an actor. To me, it’s not just releasing an album. I love music so I don’t want to go and just put anything down. I want to put my best to it. That is why I am taking my time. It is definitely something I am going to do as long as God wants it to happen. I will make it so it is good enough to satisfy my fans so that they could say it was worth waiting for. You know, because it is not easy, especially as a Nollywood actress. It is a bit more stressful to shoot movies and find time to work on an album. At this point, I am trying to see what I’m going to do, because I don’t want to stop my success in Nollywood. I just want to take it to the next level.

Onm: amen to that sister! i know god will definitely continue to bless you, because he has been blessing you so far. We will continue to keep you in prayer. i just want to ask. You know there are a lot of handsome fellas in Nollywood. So who do you find most attractive in the industry right now?
Dakore: Wow!!! (laughs) very interesting question. Honestly, all the guys I have worked with are really attractive. I won’t say I have had anyone who I worked with that had me going. Personally, I don’t go for people I work on set with. I like to just keep my work my work. I don’t mix business with pleasure. I think that’s why I haven’t dated anyone in the industry. They are all fabulous, handsome people.

Onm: personally I think Ramsey Noah is very sexy. I’ve seen his work. I met him at the recent Nigerian independence day parade in New York City. I also love Desmond Elliot.
Dakore: Yeah Ramsey has a nice personality. He is very jovial, and fun to work with. Jim Iyke is also really cool. J.T. Tom West (sobs) was one of my favorite…. (gets emotional). I started my first film with him. I am really upset about what has happened, with his recent death and all. Chidi Mokeme, you know is good also. . . (Laughs).

Onm: I know you have worked with a lot of producers and i also know that emem isong is your favorite, being that she brought you into acting. so besides her, who are your favorite producers?
Dakore: Yeah God used her to bless me and I’m very thankful. Well, the memorable ones emmm… I enjoyed working with Fred Amata in Before the Sunrise. He is really cool to work with. He is more of a Director. Jeta Amata as well. He is cool too. There are so many you know and if you don’t call their names they will be like “ennhhh” (laughs). Who again? Who again? Emmm Lancelot Imasuen is really good also, but he is more of a director and marketer. There are just so many.

Onm: out of all the movies you have acted, which one is your favorite?
Dakore: I don’t have a favorite yet. I love all of them. I like some more than others, but I won’t say I have a favorite. I will say I have a lucky movie, which is Emotional Crack. That is the movie that just got everyone’s attention. It got screened at the New York African Film Festival. I won three awards for that movie, which were Best New Actress and Best Supporting in two categories. It was a special movie for me because it was a challenging role. I played a controversial role.

Onm: I know you celebrated your birthday and it was the talk of the town.
Dakore: I had a party and I usually don’t have parties. My man was like “Let’s just have a party.” My friends and family were there. From Nollywood, Stella Damascus was there, Kate Henshaw was there, Fred and Jeta Amata were there, Emem also attended. A friend of mine, Ego, who is a singer for Lagbaja was also there. Nigeria International Magazine attended to take pictures. It was an ‘all white’ party. Everyone had to wear white that was the dress code.

Onm: going back to a question i asked you earlier, where you said you don’t have a favorite movie- what type of movie would you like to act in? What type of roles would you like to play?
Dakore: I would like to play a role where I am suffering from an identity crisis or something like that. You know, there are so many things. Like I was watching this movie, V for Vendetta, I really liked that movie and I would like to play that type of role. In Nollywood you can easily be type cast and I really don’t want to be in that type of category. At first, I was always given the tough girl role and I would like to play the vulnerable role like in The Scorpion.

Onm: I would love to see you act in an American movie because i think you’re a great actress. You need to share your talents and gift with American audiences.
Dakore: {laughs} Yeah… that goes without saying. I would love to do that. If it is my destiny, it’s going to happen whether anyone likes it or not. As long as God has ordained it for me, it will happen.

Onm: I know that acting was not what you were doing before, so what inspired you to go into acting or rather who inspired you?
Dakore: I will say God. He inspired me. You know I didn’t know this would happen to me. I will also say number one my mum, because she also inspired me. She didn’t say “don’t do this” or “don’t do that”. She stood by me all the way. I really love my mum to death. From Nollywood, I would say Joke Silva. She is like the evergreen. Also Liz Benson. From Hollywood, Angelina Jolie and Angela Basset have also been motivating.

Onm: how do you maintain your beautiful skin and your lovely shape?
Dakore: I try my best to watch what I eat. I love chocolate so I try to balance it. I also do a little working out and I take yoga classes and aerobics. I am also happy with my physique. I don’t have the tendency of putting on a lot of weight. As for my skin, I don’t really like to use any product. I like to just keep it clean.

Onm: well whatever you’re doing it is working girl!!!!!!
Dakore: (laughs) Oh, thank you darling.

Onm: the last question i have to ask is what is your definition of an ‘it girl’?
Dakore: My definition of an ‘it girl’ would be a young woman who is not afraid to be herself. Who is not defined by what she wears but rather is genuine. That is someone that if I saw, I would say, I would want to be that person. That is someone that would be considered beautiful from the inside. You know it’s not about designer clothes or who is on your arm, but rather someone who cares about other people. That’s an ‘it girl’ to me and I pray that I can be like that.

Onm: well it’s funny because omo Naija magazine considers you the ‘it girl’ of Nollywood. We feel that you have it all. You’re very beautiful on the inside and the outside, thus the reason why we named you the ‘it girl’ of Nollywood. Just keep up the good work.
Dakore: Thank yoouu!!!! You’re giving me goose pimples (laughs). Oh my God (laughs).

Onm: do you have a message for your fans?
Dakore: Ohhh tell them that I love them. I will never take them for granted. They should just keep praying for me and I will keep giving them the best.

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