StriveStrive is a movie produced by Efe Tawiyah and directed by Alex Mouth. It was written by Success Ojo and it stars Bimbo Manuel, Yemi Blaq, Bryan Okwara, Kunle Coker, Lilian Esoro, Uru Eke, and Emmanuel France. It is a production of PX Productions. It is scheduled for release in 2013.

The disappearance of his younger brother at age eight (8) and the death of his parents at age thirteen (13) made Ray Osas Omorodion (Bryan Okwara) into the person he now is.  Subconsciously blaming himself for his brother’s disappearance, Jay now has the messianic tendency of saving others even if it throws him in harm’s way.

One person he has now come to value like a brother is Frank Ogaga (Yemi Blaq). Their bond grew through the orphanage they found themselves. Frank’s like family to him, and although they had varying views on how they perceived life, they loved each other (even if they never said the words). Leaving the orphanage together, they become street hustlers and pick pockets although their approaches to it differed.  Once they were two, now four – including Jenny Okafor(Lilian Esoro) whom Ray sees like a sister and Frank likes; and Swag (Ayo Popoola) (Femi Iwajo) their drug addict buddy;

The lives of these two orphans set the center stage of this movie as events of love, hate, quest and other dynamics of the Nigerian environment are brought to the fore,  giving the movie a savor of sub-stories.


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