Codewit Nollywood is the only pure-play entertainment website dedicated to fans of  Nigerian  movies, television and celebrities around the world.  It’s pretty simple:  We tell users what nollywod movies to see, what TV shows to watch and what their favorite celebs are up to.

With over tens of  thousands  monthly visits*, Codewit Nollywood is the fan-friendly meeting ground that connects like-minded users through our hundreds of fan sites, timely news headlines, quirky  top 10 lists, crazy photo galleries, countless star interviews, the latest movie clips and trailers plus much more.  And, we offer local movie  streaming and every nollywood movie and TV review under the sun.

We don’t focus on the gross, train-wreck paparazzi news OR the boring, yawn-ish movie data like those *other* web sites.  Our voice and vision is entirely dedicated to fans of entertainment without being tacky or generic.  You love this stuff =  we love this stuff.  So get your celebrity, movie and TV fix at  Once you taste the Nollywood high life, there’s no going back…

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